Dj Nick Hud


Producing positive vibes with his love for music and creative styles of mixing, Nicholas Hudson, better known as DJ Nick Hud to many of his growing fans and followers, is one of the few DJs out there whose goal is to elevate the party experience to as dope as possible. With his ability to command the crowds on the dance floor and advanced classic dj techniques, he always reaches that goal.

Born into a family of British and Jamaican musicians, including relatives and friends who were either DJs, reggae artists and band performers, DJ Nick Hud was inspired. The various genres of music such as reggae, hip hop,  R & B and other popular music spoke to the core of who Nicholas would become. He was most influenced by his family’s culture and their love of reggae music they would often play with its deep bass and melodic sounds which seemed to transform party goers poker faces into smiles while mentally transporting them to a very happy place. This is what DJ Nick Hud felt the world needed and he was prepared to give it to them.

Over the past few years, DJ Nick Hud has been professionally djing, spinning in most of the major clubs of Little Rock, opening up and headlining shows for celebrity artists across the state. Part of his repertoire includes releasing mixes on soundcloud filled with new music from big artists as well as new up and coming artists from across the world.

DJ Nick Hud is ready to take his career to the next level scouting out serious clubs, venues, and interests across the country….