Drakes More Life

"One Of The Best Albums I've Heard This Year!!" is pretty much how I would rate the album. From the intro with a melodic gospel sounding duet to Drake letting them know "More Chuune For your Head Top so what how you speak on my Name" I knew this album would be something special!. Free smoke sets the mood with straight BARS narrating the path he walked to get where he is in a cocky "HOV" manner which I myself can appreciate! (Being I'm a BIG Jay-Z fan)

The way Drake features rappers and singers from across the map really shows how diversified his mind and hopes for hip hop has gone. House music is what Ebro said drake brought back and when he said that it made me think to myself... House Music: like a Sunday afternoon, widows up for a cool breeze and fresh air as you clean up the house. THIS is that type of house music

With Reggae Vibes and African undertones he hits the target square on with Get it Together Madiba Riddim and Blem. Really showcasing the diversity of culture that he has especially in Canada (With its second largest Jamaican population).

Let's not forget the club bangers he has on the album as well. Songs featuring 2 chainz, Young Thug, Quavo, and Travis Scott are perfectly placed on the album giving you that much needed groove and bounce you come to love when your in a party. I will definitely be playing these this weekend in the Clubs and day parties.

All in all its refreshing to have a quality album with more than 12 songs on it! Giving you multiple vibes blended perfectly together. Its an Album for those who enjoy culture and vibes! Start to finish its a must have in any collection.  I give this album a 9/10

In all honesty I'd give it a 10 out of 10 but I left one point off for you all who will say its "not that good" that point is for yall lol. enjoy it.

Bold claim: More Life will be nominated for a grammy!! (Because it is that good)