Disaster Avoided!!

Ever been in a situation where you're ready to set up and kill it at a show, plug everything up, balance your needles, set it on the record, and get no SOUND!!!! Well, luckily I never went through that problem at an event because it happened at home during a podcast set. (so it was almost as bad but no one could see the frustration on my face lol).

I own a pair of technics 1210 mk2s that are probably as old as I am, or a few years younger lol. A couple days before I noticed my right side rca plug was a little loose griping the terminal. I would have to plug it in just right in order to have a balanced clean signal, but I knew I would need to replace the cables soon. I just never thought It would be today.

I went to guitar center and purchased the best cables they had with (the most important part) screw down connectors. They were significantly thicker than the originals but I needed something that would be less likely to short or break.

After the operation, It works like a charm!!

Big shout out to my dad for teaching me when I was younger, how to solder by having me hand him the tools. THANKS DAD!!!

Pictures on Instagram!!