J. Cole KOD

This Album is AMAZING AF!! 

Nick Hud Rating of 5 out of 5

J. Cole  is one of my favorite artists (Probably number 2 to HOV in hip hop music). He always speaks perfectly to the life I seem to be living. From paying back loans in sideline story to dealing with relationship issues while simultaneously growing a brand in kevins heart. I seem to always relate to the real he spits. 

When your first press play on the album you're immediately drawn in to an idea that a lot of people are suffereing and using things (whether it be money, herbs, attention, women, drugs, Religion, alcohol,.. or any other vice) to get through life but we must choose wisely. The rhetoric used speaks from someone teetering on the edge of falling into the trap or already being in the trap of life. Using misguided teachings from parents, pastors, and people to make your decisions in life, and after listening, I feel enlightened to make the right choices in life on a different level. A lot of us pick the easy choice over the uncomfortable growing, disciplined choices in life.

Hearing Cole tap dance lyrics of conscious wokeness across trap patterned elegance creates a vibe of let me party and feel something when I listen to these rhymes. Showing his ability to be in any trap pocket you can think of (whether its migos or 21 savage) while delivering stories of real life struggles no matter your tax bracket truly shows how aware and connected Cole is. 

Overall this album is a must listen, and deserves, at the very least, a nomination for a grammy (but we know that's not happening since the academy hasn't let go of Kendrick's nuts Lmao). Just kidding but seriously its an amazing project worth a couple hundred streams per person. 

More Love, More Vibes, More Life,