New Mix Alert

I made a KILLER MIX to start the summer off right!! In this mix I made sure to balance a vibe with the culture of who I am as Nick the culturally diverse Caribbean kid from Little Rock, Arkansas. This mix balances Hip hop, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, Jersey Club, and Trap. With sprinklings of my own remixes to pop songs like Slide, Shape of you, Oh Na Na, and many more. Creative intros and pure vibery. (Yeah I made that word up but it fits)  Do yourself a favor and get your escape from regular with a mix that travels.

Many people have no idea about the process behind a mix of mine but when I do nickstapes (catchy right) I end up telling a story with my song choices and word play. This particular mix is a story of a group of people on vacation in the Caribbean with some friends who aren't trying to kick it. There's a beach party going on and you tell your friends lets go. Get there the vibes are nice and you see someone there who intrigues you. You muster up the courage to slide up on them and get a dance in after feeling the party out. Once you two connect, things heat up and it feels as if its just the two of you at this party. Then reality hits and you realize it is a party around you two. Your friends and their friends come and party with you two,  and everyone ends up having the dopest night of their lives.  That's really just a very brief summary of what the story is so you can fill in the blanks and imagine your own detailed experiences to the mix.

Big shouts to Dj E-Feezy, Dj Khaled, Dj Puffy, Scratch Bastid, Craze, and all the other dj's that inspire me to be crative and dope!! Beat Junkies, Dj City, Mp3Waxx and the random emails I receive with music, Thank You!!

Hope you guys enjoy TF out of the mix!!